Adopting and adapting the Framework

Offering both a structured pathway for academic career progression and an evidence base on which to demonstrate and evaluate teaching achievement, the Framework provides a template that universities can adapt to their career structures and progression points. It can be used to advance teaching achievement across the academic career, including appointment, professional development, appraisal and promotion. Provided below are case studies of how the Framework has guided systemic change to reward and recognition systems in universities across the world

University College London

Redesign of the university's three academic career pathways

Chalmers University of Technology

The introduction of new teaching qualifications

Dutch Ministry of Education

Design of a new national bursary scheme to support innovation in university teaching

National University of Singapore

Improvements to the university's 'educator track' career pathway

University of Technology and Engineering

The design of new academic career pathways

University of Twente

Development of new academic career pathways, professional development systems and teaching qualifications


Establishment of a career and professional development framework at a new university under development in the UK

Universiti Teknologi Malaysia

Redesign of the academic career pathways

University of New South Wales, Sydney

Introduction of a new education-focused career pathway

Consortium of university partners

The Framework was evaluated, piloted and/or implemented by a group of partner universities. Their contributions both helped to improve the Framework’s design and provided guidance for other institutions using it in the future.

Meetings of university partners

Annual meetings have been held since 2016, with an online gathering planned for 2020. They aim to establish a community of dialogue and a forum to discuss ideas for the reform of how universities reward teaching.

Information for university leaders

A summary document, aimed at university managers, has been produced to provide further information about the Framework and to offer guidance on how it might be implemented within university reward and recognition systems.

Career Framework for University Teaching, 2024